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Instructional Model Used in the Tutoring Center

The Direct Instruction (DI) model with its highly-structured approach is used. Tutors use curriculum materials and instructional sequences to move students to mastery at the fastest possible pace. 

Although the early mastery of basic skills is a key element, the program also addresses students’ general comprehension and analytical skills.
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If your child is functioning at the bottom half of the class, our main goal is to get your student to the top half of the class – on or above grade level.

Despite everyone else’s best effort and intentions, something’s not working. If this sounds like your situation, let us help!


Diagnostic Testing to accurately determine each student's needs.

Reading, Spelling, Writing, and Math Instruction. For more information, see the links below.

Core programs used in the tutoring center:

  1. Corrective Reading Decoding
  2. Corrective Reading Comprehension
  3. Reasoning and Writing
  4. Expressive Writing
  5. Spelling Through Morphographs
  6. Mathematics
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When Your Child Needs Help

Fort Myers Tutoring featured on Fox 4 Rising

Director Kevin McGinnis was featured on Fox 4 Rising, sharing ways you can help a struggling student.

Grades Covered

Our focus is with students in grades K-12.

Our math instruction covers all ages, through college level; including:
Algebra 1 EOC (End of Course) Exam and Geometry EOC Exam.

We also offer SAT and ACT preparation instruction for high school students.