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Standardized Test Preparation Tutoring

Standardized testing affects your child from elementary school on up through college. Provide the best for you student with one-on-one test preparation tutoring. Our instructors offer assistance for all ages of students, including: SAT / PSAT / ACT / GED / PERT / GRE / CLEP / FSA / Florida Virtual School (FLVS).

Each student has different needs, and our first step is to identify what instruction will make the greatest impact. We not only cover the subject material, but we make sure students are familiar with the testing formats, knowing when to guess, understanding the scoring system, and simply being comfortable in a test environment. Taking the stress out of standardized testing allows the student's natural ability to shine.

Our math instructors use a teaching method called Direct Instruction, which has been proven to provide not only the best improvement in math scores, but also improves the student's ability to learn, and their confidence in that ability.

Benefits of Tutoring for Test Preparation

Books and classes are great, but nothing beats individual attention for being able to identify and strengthen your student's weak spots. Sometimes the 'real' problem isn't the material. Our instructors are trained not only in the test subjects, but in spotting and rectifying learning obstacles, which can be emotional and/or physical in nature. Vision issues and stress triggers are magnified in a testing environment. We can provide tools and techniques for managing those obstacles, rather than letting them manage you!


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