Private math tutoring and SAT prep

Our Instruction Methods

What is Corrective Reading?

Corrective Reading targets children who are reading one or more years below grade level. Three goals of the program are:

  • increasing reading accuracy (decoding),
  • developing reading fluency, and
  • building reading comprehension. 

What is Spelling through Morphographs?

A morphograph is the smallest word part that has meaning.  They are prefixes, suffixes, and base or root words.  Morphographs are not syllables.  Syllables are units of sounds in words.  Spelling words based on their morphographs, not on syllables, has many advantages that teaches strategies to enable students to spell more efficiently.  It also sets the stage for vocabulary growth. 


Direct Instruction Math addresses the root cause of common misconceptions. It builds student knowledge and essential skills with in depth targeted instruction. Read more about our math tutors.

Diagnostic Pre-Testing

Before you enroll your child in our Tutoring Center, we will conduct diagnostic testing to accurately pinpoint your child’s areas needed for improvement. You will be provided with an Individualized Tutoring Plan (ITP) outlining the intervention plan to ensure a permanent solution to your child’s learning needs.

Personalized teaching for your student.

Grades Covered

Our reading and study skills focus is with students in grades K-12.

Our math instruction covers all ages, through college level; including:
Algebra 1 EOC (End of Course) Exam and Geometry EOC Exam.

We also offer SAT and ACT preparation instruction for high school students.